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Since I can't draw or write for damn, I asked for suggestions on what this talentless old hack could to do celebrate the 10th anniversary of original FMA. [ profile] lynx212 suggested I make a post of my first memories of FMA. Since I can’t make cupcakes decorated with little flamels to share with you guys, memory post it is! Here goes! J

Fullmetal Alchemist first came across my radar when I saw an ad for it on Cartoon Network back in ’06 I believe it was. Yeah, I admit it. I was late, shamefully late, to the party but I knew immediately that I’d found something pretty damned awesome. J I was deep in the Yami no Matsuei fandom at the time but there was just something irresistibly intriguing about this new anime that I just had to see. A show about alchemists? Alchemists are cool! I am so there! ^_^

The first episode begins. A single horn trumpets, an unbeknownst herald perhaps of what is to come. Two boys appear; one drawing something with chalk on a long stick. My curiosity is piqued. Outside, rain begins to fall. The music swells. The boys touch the chalk drawing. Lightning strikes the chalk drawing and a whirlwind of golden light swirls up from the circle. The music swells even more. A voice briefly explains alchemy and its guiding principle of Equivalent Exchange. I’m completely captivated at this point. In a flash, Equivalent Exchange makes itself brutally known. The golden light turns purple streaked with black. A house glows in the distance and I hear a horrified scream. Not even two minutes into the show and I’m pretty much just sitting there bug-eyed going, “what the hell just happened?” Through the smoldering haze, what just happened is revealed. Everything’s gone completely to hell. One boy’s leg is gone (O_O!), he’s bleeding to death (I had never seen an anime begin with quite this more gore before!), the other boy is gone, vanished into thin air with his clothes strewn across the floor (ZOMG! How did that happen??), and there in front of the first boy, who is no doubt going into shock, is the mangled mess of what was supposed to be his mother! “Holy Bejesus!” my boggled brain screeches. Another horrified gut-wrenching scream, a swell of dramatic music, and the FMA logo splashes across the TV screen. I am left breathless and instantly, totally, irreversibly, hooked. J

It didn’t take long for me to start noticing a special connection between a certain colonel and a certain blonde whirlwind in a red coat. ^_~ I’ve been a loyal RoyEd fangirl ever since. :D Interesting fact - it’s because of RoyEd that I’m even here on LJ! Once I noticed RoyEd, my thirst for it grew and I began to search the internet for more of it. was my first destination but it only offered just so much and that just wasn’t enough. (Funny how after all these years ff is still short on good fics. :/) Soon Adultfanfiction was found and not long after that, LiveJournal. LiveJournal opened fandom doors to me that I never knew existed. There was fan fic of all varieties – fluff, angst, romance, tragedy, adventure, AU, even the occasion death fic. Always sad to happen upon one of those even if the character that dies is an OC. And oh the fan art! LiveJournal showed me the way to DeviantArt and YGallery! ^_^ There’ve been dozens, hundreds, of icons and banners I’ve saved over the years with all the good intentions in the world of using but have yet to do so. Best of all are the online friends I’ve found who were and are just as rabid about RoyEd as I was and am! (You guys rock!) I owe a lot to these two lovebirds. J

Happy Don’t Forget Day everybody!

Koneko =^.^=

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